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  1. Appliance Technician 1

    Hi Ben,
    Most of the door gaskets cost between 60-150 and the labor is 120
    feel free to call us any time with the model number then i can check how much is the price of the gasket


  2. Alex.m

    My washer is not starting its the old fashion top load, any advice on what to do?

  3. Appliance Technician 2

    Hi Alex, first check the breaker then check if you have power in the outlet, try to plug something to the same outlet to test it, if still it doesn’t start you can contact us and we will send one of our techs to service your washer our service call is 70 and we wave the service call when we do the repair.

  4. Brenda

    The lights and freezer lights went out. At first I thought it was the light bulbs but it is not. The freezer and fridge still work but the temps are not showing.. We have an LG fridge with the freezer on the bottom.
    How would I go about and fix this issue.
    Please advise.

  5. Salween

    I need my microwave/rage hood repaired. It’s a Kitchenaid model # YKHMS155LSS-2. Thanks.

  6. Rute

    Hey there I’m getting a error dryer like 3E, and it’s not tumbling or drying anymore. Can this be repaired ?

  7. Appliance Technician 1

    Hi Rute,

    Usually error code like 3e and the dryer not tumbling or drying will be caused by an electronic part. Try to unplug the dryer for a Couple of min and see if the error code disappeared, if not you can call us at 416-800-8790
    And we can send one of our techs to diagnose the problem.

  8. Admin1

    Hi Mark,
    the banging noise is usually because of the drum is not leveled or loose it can be because your washer is off balanced, try to shake it with your hands and see if its off balance or not when its not working if its the case there are 4 wheels you can balance the washer by rotating them higher or lower, if its not the case you will need a technician to diagnose the problem. You can call us anytime to book a service call.

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